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Morale Patches

Morale Patches

  • Tons of Morale patches to choose from
  • Yes, we even have some that we can’t describe here, but WE GOT EM’
  • 2” x 1” with Velcro backing for your convenience
  • Stick them anywhere, some are fun, and some are practical
  • Don’t see what you want? Give us a call or send us an email
  • Additional Hook-n-Loop can be purchased here

Custom Morale Patches

NOTE: Pricing is for lettering only or simple designs. This pricing may also apply to minor modifications of our existing designs. The size is 2” x 1” and includes Velcro® hook backing.

Please contact us for an exact price quote.

• 3 piece minimum •
3 to 5
7.50 each
6 to 11
6.00 each
12 to 23
4.50 each
*24 to 49
3.90 each
3.20 each
2.40 each
* Please allow up to 4 weeks for larger orders.
** Please contact us for orders over 100 pieces

• Some of our morale patches are also available in our larger 3 x 2 size.

• There are also some larger patches that aren’t available in the smaller size.

• You can view them here: Large Patches